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Since we copied our site from one server to another the issue is within the email system. So it seems that if I try to send an email from to it won’t work. But if I use the exact same form to send from to it works. The site will not send email to any account on the same domain.
If the target email is the same domain as the website, it “sends” just fine, but it bounces. I don’t think the problem is specific to Contact Form 7 (although I started there too) because the admin email was not working either. When I change all target emails to my Gmail, yahoo, or iCloud address, everything works fine.
The case is totally with the Go daddy emailing system Server for email at our company. Emails with my domain name sent from my WordPress site do not “escape” the web host (where my blog is).
You will need to call the webhost confirmed the email traffic on their server log. Also ask if they could try a few solutions including automatic forwarding.
A current workaround is just to use an email that is totally off the domain. But I’d like to find a better and more direct solution.

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